Our services


The baby-changing facilities are situated near the dining-area toilets of the Shopping Centre. Specially reserved for parents, this private safe area has been designed for you to attend to your baby’s needs.

Creche & Childcare

This area is dedicated to kids. Here they can happily and safely play under the close supervision of expert childcare professionals.

Phone charging

You can charge your mobile devices in complete safety for as long as you need.


A Banca-Antonveneta cash machine is available at Entrance 1 of the Shopping Centre.


Sensitive to the theme of respect and protection of our furry friends since the start, Adriatico2 has made sure that you can bring your cat or dog with you so you can get on with relaxing and enjoying your shopping experience!

Free parking

The Adriatico2 Shopping Centre provides its customers with 2,000 completely free parking spaces every single day.


Connect to the Adriatico2 Wi-Fi network! Sign up for free access.

Photo ID

At the east entrance you will find a Dedem digital automatic booth dedicated to the distribution of passport photos for your documents: identity card, passport, visa and residence permits as well as souvenir post card formats.